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Birthday Train One first applique and Number embroidery digitized design for 4x4 or 5x7 hoop 1st


This 1st Birthday train & boxcar applique embroidery design includes 1 file to fit a 5x7 hoop, & 2 files for the 4x4 hoop. The 5x7 size includes both the Engine & Boxcar in 1 hooping, the 4x4 size includes the Engine & Boxcar in separate files - you will need to re-hoop. The 5x7 design is 6.9" wide x 3.9" high, the engine alone is 3.9" x 3.9", & the boxcar alone is 3" wide x 3.9" high. The train engine has 3 applique layers, the boxcar has 3 layers. A train without a number is available separately. •

  • These are digital embroidery designs for home (cottage industry) users only, not for commercial use. • 
  • The downloadable zip file has ART DST EXP HUS JEF PES XXX formats. VIP & VP3 are available, please ask. • 
  • Do not share my files.... do not give away my not re-sell my embroidery files. • 
  • Do not use any part of my files or my photos for resale of any embroidery designs. • 
  • All designs are tested. Editing or resizing the files is not allowed. No refunds given on the purchase of digital designs. • 
  • Stabilize well...Hoop well...use Embroidery thread...& Have Fun!