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This space will display masks I've made for my family, friends, & the local chemo center in honor of Brian J. Pierce. Thus, 4Brian. 

Brian wore many masks during his 3.5 years of treatment for colon cancer. Sometimes he got weird looks; he responded by sticking his tongue out at the unsuspecting person! He laughed about it, so did I. He had such a positive attitude, always hopeful & strong with all the challenges of chemo, radiation, surgeries, drugs, unending appointments, lost work, debt, anger, pain... truly a remarkable man. He is dearly missed, my heart is still broken.

But in trying to weather this horrific pandemic, I realize there IS something I can do to make a very small difference. I'm channeling Brian's love & strength to make masks to offer more protection, more security, in this crazy time.


My masks have 3 layers, 2 woven cotton & an inside strip of ripstop nylon for extra protection.

  • Why ripstop? Because I know it is so tightly woven that it is difficult for liquid to pass through. I also conferred with a textile professor at Cornell U to make sure I was on the right track. 
  • Why a strip of nylon & not an entire mask? Because the nylon would make it too hard to breathe, not enough oxygen would come in. 
  • Will I be able to breathe easily? Yes, I have asthma & have tested these. I can breathe the same as always. 

This mask is both easy to use & care for. 

  • Does it have something to shape the nose? Yes there is a washable wire in the seam to aid in fitting snug to the nose.
  • How do I wash? After EACH USE toss this in the washer & dryer with your regular laundry, no bleach or sterilizer needed. Just like with washing your hands, any COVID19 virus will wash out with laundry soap.
  • Is it comfortable to wear? The cotton on your face allows oxygen in & is soft. No ear loops means your ears won't hurt or chafe. 
  • What if I don't like your straps? Simply cut the elastic in the back, then tie in a knot as tight as you'd like. 

I make these with love, one at a time, so have a limited amount at any time. If you have any questions, please contact me